“Tsaliana”, a small village, a living history, the traditional Cretan life and a perfect holiday home.


As you drive up to the village from Paleochora the view is breathtaking while the olive tree orchards are keeping you company through out. Then you push the front gate open and you start to feel like this will be an unforgettable life experience.

the old stone terrace, the wooden handcrafted table by the lemon tree; you touch the stone built wall walking past the old fireplace on your right and look at the heavy logs holding the tile roof together. You are turning the clock way back to become part of your new home’s story.

time ticks at the pace the place dictates and the best one has to do is just follow it:

“We walked up the mountain one morning to contemplate the surrounding beauty and i jotted down a few lines in my log book later on. Someone suggested i might want to draw – inspiration abounds. We will salute the sun in the late afternoon, i said”.

spitia yoga

“We went to the garden and picked a couple of tomatoes and some greeneries. Had some Cretan pork slices and a bit of tsikoudia. Cut off some grapes from the vine tree at the back.

The guys came over for dinner in the evening, to let ourselves wander through the starry sky and listen to silence”.

“We hiked by the Sarakiniotis river up the hill to appreciate the view and reached an old church and some ruins – we learnt this was a late Minoan settlement.

On our way back we picked wild flowers for their scent to fill the house”.

“Real tweets woke me up this morning; birds came to the creek to dry their thirst.

Picked some fruits from the orchard and had breakfast under the lemon tree in the morning sun light”.

“We shouted across the valley and laughed our heads off. It was as if a heavy burden had been lifted off me.

Freedom, i thought to myself”

spitia circle

“As i looked at the house one last time, memories filled my mind:
the morning light, a nap in the afternoon shade, the old village, Venus in the sky above; these memories would come back months after i had left the place.

I will come back i said and i knew i would do it”.


The spacious upper villa

anoi image


The cozy lower cellar

katoi image